This historic event just became much, much bigger!

The WWE Universe in Saudi Arabia is in for a treat. Not only will they be privy to a 50-man Royal Rumble event, they will also get to see 7 titles being defended.

We learned that the WWE Championship, Universal Championship, Intercontinental Championship, United States Championship, Cruiserweight Championship, RAW Tag Team Championships and SmackDown Tag Team Championships will be defended at the event, thanks to an update on All the action goes down on Friday, April 27.

WWE is a global enterprise and the Middle East is a huge market with a pretty solid fan base indeed. Therefore, the promotion hopes to make a foray into this market with this grand and memorable event, the likes of which has never been experienced.

Roman Reigns did confirm that the event will be telecast on the WWE Network.

The biggest WWE superstars will be in attendance at the event. This is what the press release has to say about the same:

Fans will get to see WWE Superstars John Cena™, Triple H™, Roman Reigns™, AJ Styles™, Braun Strowman™, The New Day™, Randy Orton™, Bray Wyatt™ and Shinsuke Nakamura™, among others

The magnitude of the event certainly is incredible because no 50-Man Royal Rumble event has ever occured in the past. One wonders what the grand prize for winning this coveted event will be, for the superstar that stands tall at the end.

Also because of the great number of title matches, we wonder if there will be a title switch, even though they traditionally hardly ever take place at Live Events, except for extremely rare circumstances.

This will be one event to watch out for!

Stay tuned for more updates from this historic event, as and when they do emerge. We’ll have it all for you. Keep checking our Facebook page constantly!

I wish I could have experienced this event live. I had a chance to sit in during an interview with Sasha Banks as she related her Dubai experience, and it was amazing to see her voice quiver, realizing that she’d made history.

I think this event will be of a similar nature.


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