After an attack by Brock Lesnar while he was handcuffed, Roman Reigns is in pretty bad shape

After three weeks of absence from WWE television tonight, Brock Lesnar returned tonight to annihilate Roman Reigns, after ‘US Marshals’ put The Big Dog in handcuffs.

Needless to say, it didn’t go too well for Reigns, and his hands and wrists are now in a pretty bad state. If you’re not squeamish, scroll down to see the damage.

Tonight’s Raw kicked off with Raw General Manager Kurt Angle saying that Brock Lesnar was on his way to the arena and would be at Raw later tonight, but that he was not there yet.

Angle went on to say that Roman Reigns would not be present as he was still suspended per Vince McMahon’s announcement last week.

Reigns, however, made his way through the crowd and to the ring to confront Angle, but US Marshals came out and effectively arrested Roman Reigns.

A handcuffed Reigns, however, attacked the officers before Lesnar’s music hit, with Reigns still immobilised.

The Beast Incarnate took his chance and destroyed a helpless Reigns.

Well, a photo has emerged online of the injury suffered by Reigns at the hands of The Beast Incarnate – and it does not look good.

Being suplexed and F5ed while handcuffed has caused severe bruising to The Big Dog’s wrists, as per WWE’s Instagram account.

#BrockLesnar attacked a handcuffed #RomanReigns on #Raw! #WWE

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Reigns and Lesnar will face off at WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans for the WWE Universal Championship.

Will they meet again before then? We’ll see on next week’s Raw.

That does not look pretty. It really made me wince seeing Roman Reigns take the bumps he did while handcuffed, and I did think his hands and wrists would be pretty beaten up – but they look worse than I could imagine.

Here’s hoping there’s no serious damage and that Roman Reigns makes a full recovery.


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