The design has been finalized, and we won’t have to wait long!

As per Mike Johnson of PW Insider, WWE will be introducing a new Championship after WrestleMania season ends.

Johnson exclusively broke the news that several sources have confirmed we will soon be seeing WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships on 205 Live!

205 Live has undergone a complete overhaul in recent weeks, with Triple H taking the reins and the show taking a new format. New General Manager Drake Maverick announced a tournament culminating in a new Cruiserweight Champion being crowned at WrestleMania – which has taken the wrestling world by storm with 205 Live getting a new lease of life.

Well, according to, there are already plans in the works to create a Cruiserweight Tag Team championship for the 205 Live brand. The belts would be the third set of WWE Tag Team Championships and be a throwback to WCW’s Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships.

The Championships signal a positive future for 205 Live after a difficult spell last year. Since Triple H took the over, there has been a greater structure with the athleticism and in-ring action being given a greater platform with character development pushing through too.

There is word yet on when we may see the new titles, but PW Insider reports that the look of the Championships has been finalized after several championship designs were worked on internally.

Well, this is incredible news! I’ve always enjoyed 205 Live, but the past month has been outstanding. The in-ring work was always great and everything else is finally catching up. There’s far too much talent on that show to only have one champion, and this could see the meaning behind the tag team matches which became so notorious on RAW, and which have also seemingly disappeared.

No matter what, new titles are always going to be exciting, and this opens a whole new door for 205 Live in the future. It’s fast becoming one of the best products WWE has to offer and this new title can only be a further improvement!


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